Trouble Sky Blue T Shirt

Trouble Sky Blue T Shirt

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Cage The Elephant Official Merchandise

Trouble Sky Blue T Shirt

Front Features: Lyrics From "Trouble"

"God don't let me lose my mind...
Trouble on my left,
Trouble on my right
I've been facing trouble
almost all of my life.
My sweet love won't you
pull me through every
Where I look I
Catch a glimps of
you. I said it was
love and I did it for
life, did-did it for you.
Will it come to pass or will
I pass the test. You
Know what they said, yeah,
the Wicked get no rest.
You can have my heart
anyplace, any time...
Got so much to lose,
Got so much to prove,
God don't let me lose
my mind..."

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